About Us

The Circular Board is a recruitment website that prides itself on being able to connect job seekers and employers for the benefit of their mutual interests.

We achieve this mission by the creation of our current workflows and practices, systems that ensure the right vacancies are seen by the right candidates.

Here at The Circular Board, we collate and display some of the best jobs available all in one central place for your convenience. This makes us a logical and effective choice for all our clients.

Our Story

Our co-founders spent many years in the world of recruitment. During this time, they discovered various shortcomings in the industry, things they felt were contributing towards dissatisfaction on both the part of employers and job seekers.

So, in direct response to this issue, they decided to create The Circular Board to bridge the gap between market needs and user satisfaction.

Now fully formed, we here at The Circular Board strive to maintain the effective introduction of jobseekers to relevant vacancies.

We provide excellence with the aim of becoming the number one resource in the job market.