When it comes to job search, London can be a tough nut to crack. The insanely high level of competition makes finding a job you’re happy with quite a challenge. Nine times out of ten, you’ll need something up your sleeve to snatch your ideal job.

This is where the Circular Board comes in.

The Circular Board is a recruitment platform that connects employers and job seekers for a hand-in-glove professional fit. We make use of cutting-edge workflow methodology to ensure that the right job finds the right applicant.

To this end, we maintain a comprehensive list of London jobs. So, whether you’re looking to hire or be hired, the Circular Board will be your ace in the hole.

About Jobs in London

Many job hunters have trouble navigating London’s market. Even though one can find a fine number of jobs in London on Gumtree, for example, many employers and job seekers are still struggling to connect. This is down to a series of wider economic changes that radically altered the working landscape. Brexit, for one, has stirred a lot of waves and made life difficult for many businesses.

What’s more:

Zero-hour contracts have also contributed to the seismic change. Their rise in popularity has mostly benefited people looking for low-commitment, temporary work. Those seeking steady employment, on the other hand, found that there were now fewer jobs available in London that suit them.

And that’s not all: 

When it comes to jobs in London, “no experience” only makes matters worse. Many aspiring employees have trouble getting their foot in the door because they haven’t had the right experience. They might fare a bit better finding zero-hour work, but permanent positions still demand more than many graduates can offer.

But don’t let this dampen your spirits!

The thing is:

While the situation might appear grim at first glance, it doesn’t mean that there’s nothing in London for you. In fact, there is still tons of work in London of various stripes. The trick is to simply look at the right places. 

Enter the Circular Board:

On our website, you will find positions that might just be the stepping stone to the professional career of your dreams. From the most prospective graduate jobs London has to offer to work that requires experience, we have you covered.

What Career Options Are Available in London?

While the labour market has changed dramatically in the last few years, London still offers a dense array of career options. Reflective of this abundance, our platform provides openings for all sorts of London jobs. You’ll find some of the most sought-after occupations, such as:

  • Data Analyst (median base salary: £30,323)
  • Software Developer (median base salary: £35,247)
  • Data Scientist (median base salary: £46,665)
  • Mechanical Engineer (median base salary: £33,765)
  • Project Manager (median base salary: £41,808)
  • Executive Assistant (median base salary: £39,163)
  • Business Analyst (median base salary: £39,127)
  • Graphic Designer (median base salary: £25,543)
  • Software Engineer (median base salary: £41,100)
  • Accountant (median base salary: £36,171)

These are but a few of numerous career paths we can help you embark on. From cleaner jobs to call centre jobs, there’s something here for everyone.

Important Skills and Qualities for Being a Great Worker

The perfect worker might not really exist, but there are certainly character traits that employers love to see. If you’re looking for jobs in London, some qualities will go a long way towards helping you get and keep what you’re after. Here are the top ones:

Great Communication Skills

The ability to put your ideas across clearly and listen to others is incredibly useful. For one, employers always enjoy seeing their workers building rapport with each other. Some jobs may also require you to be persuasive, so having a way with words is vital. You’ll see this trait pop up time and time again, from receptionist jobs to sales jobs.


This is a commonly lauded trait in almost all lines of work, from retail jobs to nanny jobs. Employers hold in great esteem perseverance in the duties you’re given. Commitment shows that you can be trusted. And going above and beyond the bare minimum is a glowing demonstration of how much you appreciate the trust your employer has in you.

Team Player

Behind every company, there’s a team. A team can only work if its members understand and respect one another. Most important, though, is that they can rely on each other. You’ll want to be able to do all of that, as well as fit into a team’s unique dynamic. No matter if it’s run-of-the-mill weekend jobs or full-time employment, those who fit tend to stay.


The numerous job vacancies you can find in London come in all shapes and sizes, but one constant applies to all of them. An adaptable worker delivers great results, no matter the situation. When a project runs into troubled waters, the optimal solution might be unconventional, and that’s where the adaptable shine. These kinds of employees are always a welcome addition in any occupation, whether we’re talking about finance jobs or web developer jobs.

Research Skills

Certain jobs require that you do extensive research. Diving deep into a subject isn’t as easy as some might think – it’s a skill that needs practice to perfect. If you have a proclivity for research and preparation, you’ll likely do well in data-driven professions like some marketing jobs.


Whereas a love for teamwork is important, a degree of independence is just as relevant. You won’t always have someone around to help you. Sometimes, it will be up to you to make decisions, be they pivotal or otherwise. Work without supervision is crucial for some vocations, so independence may be what gets you hired.


When there are issues in a project or business in general, the right solution isn’t always the obvious one. Sometimes, it takes someone with a flair for lateral thinking to provide an unusual fix. If you have a knack for this, you might be suited for the more creative jobs in London in an analytical sense.

Growth and Employment Rate In London

Though it might appear otherwise from the ground level, London’s labour market is experiencing growth. The 16-64 employment rate in 2019 rose to a record peak of 75.6%, according to these employment stats, which is an improvement of 0.7% compared to the previous year. Not only that, but salaries have also increased. Total pay has gone up 1.6% overall for all jobs in London (part time and full time alike).

It gets better:

Practically all work sectors have seen growth in the previous year. Technical and scientific activities, for example, have grown by almost a factor of five. Other fields that mushroomed include transport, storage, construction, education, information, and communication.

Key takeaway:

As the current trends suggest, prospects for jobs in London will only improve in 2020. Of course, you will be able to browse our listings to take advantage of this booming market.

How to Find a Job in London

In such a bustling, competitive professional environment, finding great London jobs can be an uphill struggle. Rest assured – you can take steps to make the experience that much easier.

To ensure better odds of success, here are some actionable tips on how to find a job in London.

1. Decide on your career path

Before you start hunting for jobs, you ought to have a long-term goal. Have a think about what kind of career you want to deal with in your life.

Once you’ve got that sorted, you can work to realise that goal. You’ll likely spend a good deal of time working in unrelated professions, but don’t worry: it’s all valuable experience.

2. Network

Knowing the right people is half the battle when it comes to job hunting. The right person can get your foot in the door to the best available jobs in London.

If you don’t have any acquaintances that can help you this way, visiting career fairs is a fine idea. Alternatively, you can take a look at online events like Meetup or Eventbrite.

3. Polish your CV

Your CV is usually the best way an employer can get to know you, short of meeting you in person. That’s exactly why you should do your best to make it as impressive as you can – without fibbing, of course. A few things you might want to do are:

– change resume to CV;
– write concisely (keep it under three pages);
– include only what’s relevant to the job you’re applying for;
– make it a .pdf;
– use an eye-pleasing design.

4. Personalise your covering letter.

Make sure you write a separate covering letter for each position you’re applying for. Sending a generic covering letter is one of the worst mistakes candidates make. Do your research (include the company’s address and try to find the name of the person handling the job search), keep it concise and to the point (no more than one page), and demonstrate how your work experience and/or training meets the requirements for the position

5. Do your research for the interview

If your CV and covering letter did their part well, you’ll get a chance to really impress the employer. This is the point where many people become nervous. But as long as you’ve thoroughly researched the interviewing company’s background, you have little to worry about.

You should be informed about the broader industry, as well, not just the specific firm. So, if you’re interviewed for startup jobs in London, you ought to know about the startup scene there.

Check out these job interview statistics to further help you prepare for any future interviews.

A few wise strategies can make all the difference here. Whether you’re in a hurry to find jobs in London with immediate start or playing the long game, the right way is the only way.

Salaries in London

Depending on the job you’re after, you can hope for salaries of varying sizes. That said, London, per capita, pays its workers more than most other cities in the world, so the wages will certainly be on the higher end. 

On average, London jobs pay anywhere between £24,000 and £30,000, making it the UK city with the highest wages. This includes both full-time and part-time workers. Meanwhile, the minimum wage is considerably lower, at around £15,200.

On a more positive note, those in the highest paying positions easily earn in excess of £100,000. Of course, living in the Big Smoke is also incredibly expensive. With the cost of living in London as high as £789.95 per month (rent excluded), you should temper the optimism grown from such high numbers.

Job Outlook

As we’ve already pointed out, the economic situation in the Big Smoke, as well as the rest of the UK, is complicated. Looming factors make predicting the labour market in 2020 more than a little difficult. And how London jobs (full time or otherwise) will change in that time is even harder to say.

Here’s why:

Brexit is, naturally, one of the most influential – and concerning for many – events in this regard. Even though its full impact is yet to be felt, it is already causing considerable changes in the economy. This still hasn’t stopped some corporations from planting their flags in the country, though, with Amazon jobs in London opening up in the hundreds.

Brexit, along with changing immigration policies, has made some experts believe that the country will be turning more towards remote workers. Given the quickly rising popularity of work-from-home jobs, this prediction is very likely to come true.

What’s more:

The tech industry might come under some duress due to the economic landscape at the moment. The idea of outsourcing tech workers from beyond the UK is one that will most probably become reality, too. It could also mean more jobs in London for foreigners and the wider UK.

Overall, however, the labour market (in London, at least) is looking positive, and it’s set to remain that way in the near future. There are ample opportunities to find both steady work and temporary jobs in London, as long as you know how to navigate the job-hunting environment.

Take on the Market with the Circular Board

With the right resources at your side, jobs in the Big Smoke are yours for the taking. There are jobs of all kinds coming from a wide range of companies and organizations. Whether you’re interested in part time jobs in London or more permanent positions, all you need to do is look in the right place.

And finding them certainly pays off. The average salary in London outclasses those in most other places in the world. But where there are prospects for profit, there are always others vying for a slice of the pie.

In this dynamic economy, you still need to overcome competition to land the job of your dreams. We at the Circular Board will help you zero in on the most relevant work for you. Looking for cash in hand jobs in London? We have them. Summer jobs? You bet.

And if you’re looking to hire, we will connect you with the people most suited for the task. Thousands of top-notch candidates are waiting to get hired, and we will aid you in reaching out to them.

You get to decide where you want your career path to go. And we are only too happy to point you in the right direction. London calling? Then look no further for London jobs.