6 Promo Items To Boost Your Home Improvement Business

Home improvement stores often fight tooth and nail to keep customers loyal. With this in mind, using loyalty-building marketing, such as promotional marketing giveaway campaigns, provides a ton of value to home improvement companies. Six promo items are especially useful for boosting home improvement businesses (and which can greatly expand your loyal customer base in 2023):

1. Box Cutters

If you’re trying to give out a high-quality, high-value promo item to your customers at a home improvement business, box cutters are one of your absolute best options. Not only will your customers get tons of use out of their branded box cutter, but if they solely use the one you give them, they will be using a branded item associated with your company during a majority of their home improvement tasks. Additionally, when they get a package they’re excited about delivered to their home, they will be reminded of your brand, and the value that it’s provided to them, all over again. 

2. Hats

Who doesn’t love a free hat? No matter what type of business you’re running, giving out attractive branded hats is always a great idea, and is sure to cultivate customer loyalty with ease. As a home improvement business, you can use hats to help people protect their eyes, and skin, from debris and the sun during their work projects. Many people also love to wear hats that reflect their hobbies, so DIY lovers will want to wear their branded hats out in public. When they do so, you’ll be creating a “walking billboard” advertisement that will help you bring your brand in front of tons of new eyes. 

3. Stress Balls

Home improvement tasks are incredibly fulfilling, but they can also be insanely stressful and energy-consuming. For this reason, branded stress balls have remained a great way to attract new customers to home improvement businesses. Give them out to customers who buy a certain amount of merchandise as a surprise gift, and you’ll be treating them to a destressing method in a fun and exciting manner. As they squeeze their new stress ball after a long, fulfilling day of DIY home improvement, they’ll think back fondly on the store that helped them achieve their home improvement goals (and who gave them an awesome, free stress ball to boot)!

4. Tumblers

Doing home improvement work can leave you sapped for energy, and will make you sweat like a hog. Staying hydrated is key to doing DIY work in a healthy, productive fashion. If you give out tumblers or more traditional water bottles to your home improvement store customers, you will show them that you care about their health and productivity. Once again, this is another product that can be used out in public frequently as well. People often become attached to their tumblers and water bottles, so if you want to give out gifts that may begin to become organic advertisements for your company in the public sphere, investing in bulk orders of branded tumblers and/or water bottles is a no-brainer. 

5. Tool Pens

Tool pens are a tailor-fit promo gift option for stores in the home improvement realm. Many tool pens are hyper-advanced today and can help with a ridiculous amount of home improvement and DIY tasks. If you’re looking to help inspire new projects with your pre-existing customers, you should consider sending out free branded tool pens to their homes. Not only will this show that you care, but it may help them start brainstorming their next big project. Once they’ve done so, they’ll be much more likely to come to your home improvement store to buy gear and materials since you’ve worked on building a solid, trusting relationship between them and your brand. Few strategies are as good at making long-term and even life-long customers as using promotional marketing giveaways. 

6. Tape Measures

Lastly, tape measures are another tried and true promotional gift for home improvement stores. Tape measures can be incredibly expensive when they’re bought in-store, but if you buy a cheaper version in bulk, you can give out a high-quality, highly sought-after item to your customers for free. Not only will this thrill them, but it will make them see your business as successful enough to afford to give out tape measures. Just make sure you buy a tape measure of high enough quality that it does not disrupt any projects your customers will be using them for. Otherwise, you could inadvertently cause them to have a lesser opinion of your brand, instead of boosting it.