6 Features to Consider for Your Custom Home Build in Simcoe Lake

There are many types of homes in Simcoe Lake that can draw the interest of different buyers. From older constructions to newer models, the style variability provides plenty of options in this market. However, perhaps you cannot seem to find your dream home, no matter how many homes you check out. Maybe it is time to consider a custom build.

Designing and building a home from scratch is a very long and complicated process. While it may be far easier to just buy a home already on the market, the potential for customization makes this option incredibly attractive for motivated buyers. If you have the budget for it, which is usually larger than a typical home purchase, it is an option worth exploring.

Once you have researched and selected a custom home builder to work with, you will have to collaborate to figure out the plans for the home and what features to include. Making these decisions can feel overwhelming, especially as you weigh them against your budget restrictions. To make this phase a little easier on you, here are 6 features that you could consider including in your custom home build in Simcoe Lake.

Kitchen Nook

Designing a custom home allows you to get creative with the use of space. One popular option that can make your home a little more unique is a kitchen nook. A small booth surrounded by windows can be the perfect breakfast spot to start your day, and it doesn’t even take up that much space in the kitchen. Your family and guests will love the look of this element as well, so you can take pride in its design and function.

Upstairs Laundry

When laundry becomes a regular chore, those trips up and down the stairs can get pretty irritating, especially if the laundry machines are located in the basement. Fortunately, you can place the laundry room wherever you want in a custom build. Work with your builder to see if an upstairs laundry room is possible, as this will prioritize convenience when doing household chores. Parents will appreciate this feature even more as they go through multiple loads each week for their children without having to go up and down the stairs between the bedrooms and the basement. 

Smart Home Technologies

Smart technologies are already incredibly popular with homeowners, and that trend is only going to continue as technology advances. Modern innovations allow homeowners to control utilities automatically and hook up more immersive entertainment systems, many of which can be controlled via Bluetooth or wifi. Smart home technology has even impacted how real estate agents work, as buyers are more interested in finding homes that can help them save on utilities while enjoying high-end amenities. Why not incorporate these convenient elements into your custom build in Simcoe Lake from the beginning?

Skylights and Large Windows

Natural light is scientifically proven to boost mental health, unless you’re in a car. The more sunlight you can let in during the day, the more comfortable your custom home will be. Rather than relying on electrical fixtures to keep corners, rooms, and hallways well-lit during the day, consider installing skylights or very large windows throughout the house. These features will maximize the natural light entering your home, making it brighter and more welcoming for all within. 

Built-in Storage

Storage is always a key trait in any home. Buyers always want to know how many closets there are or what kind of space is available for shelving. If you can plan your home with built-in storage like wall shelving, nooks, or large closets, then storage capacity will never become an issue no matter what life throws at you. One of the best strategies for using space efficiently in your custom home is to incorporate hidden storage ideas. These can keep your home looking neat without sacrificing much-needed storage capacity. 

Central Vacuum System

If you want to get fancy with your custom build and make it easier to keep clean, a central vacuum system (CVS) could be the perfect feature to include. Tubing is placed within the walls throughout the home, with inlets in various rooms. By plugging a hose into one of the inlets and powering on the motor, (which could be located in the basement or garage), you can then vacuum the various rooms of the home without lugging around a large canister or bag unit. A CVS offers greater suction power, better air quality, and less noise than traditional vacuums, all with the bonus of not having to carry a heavy object around the house.

Communicate With Your Builder/Architect

While all these features may sound like necessities for your custom home in Simcoe Lake, always work with your builder and/or architect to discuss these ideas. Some of them may not be realistic for the structure of your home or the budget, while others may fit seamlessly with your design plans. Communication is key when you are building a custom home, so always discuss your desired features with the contractors as soon as possible to figure out if they can be incorporated.