Tips for Illinois Job Seekers in 2023

Unfortunately for all of us, there are very few things in life that can be done without money. You cannot own a house, eat food, turn on a light, travel, or even raise a family without having to spend money. Having a job is a necessity for individuals and families from all backgrounds.

The prospect of not having a job when you need money can be scary. There are bills to pay, meals to eat, and friends to socialize with, and money makes all these things much easier. Finding the right job for you can be a big challenge, especially in competitive markets. 

If you are looking for a new job in Illinois in 2023, then there are a few tips that can help you secure the right position for your lifestyle.

The State of the Market

Jobs have different levels of requirements for candidates. Some can be performed by high schoolers with no professional experience while others demand years and years of high-level education to even give an application a second look. If are looking to switch industries or are just starting on your job-seeking journey, it is a good idea to analyze the market to see what positions are in-demand. In 2023, it might be wise to search for recession-proof jobs in the tech industry that are guaranteed to be necessary for years to come, such as cybersecurity analysts, data engineers, and AI specialists. 

Continue to Learn

Many employers want to find ambitious individuals to fill out the ranks. One clear sign of ambition is ongoing learning. When hiring managers see that a candidate is interested in self-improvement, they will take note of this attractive trait. You could take online classes related to the field you want to work in. There are also plenty of free apps where you can learn an infinite number of new skills. Even learning a new language could open up greater opportunities for your professional endeavors. 

Utilize Job Boards

Decades ago, finding a job meant seeing an ad in a local newspaper or going to a business’s physical location to pick up an application. Now, you can rely on online job boards to find out what opportunities are out there. For example, individuals with medical degrees could search specifically for part-time physician jobs on a dedicated medical job board and find tons of openings across the country. You can also search with broader filters on sites like Indeed. Online job boards have made it far easier for candidates and employers to connect, so take advantage of these tools. 

Grow Your Network

The right position for you may not be found on a job board. It could come from a relationship that you have with a key decision-maker at a company. Networking is a valuable skill for professionals in all industries whether they are seeking jobs or not. Workers who are searching for new positions should be even more focused on building a professional network. Create a LinkedIn profile and start connecting with friends, family, and former coworkers. Put your name out there by attending conferences, job fairs, or trade shows. Don’t be shy about asking people in your personal circles if they know of any companies that are hiring. Relying on your network could lead you to a great professional fit. 

Hone Your Resume and Cover Letter

A resume is often an employer’s first impression of you as a candidate, as well as the cover letter. Many resumes and cover letters end up sounding pretty basic, which makes them blend in with all the other candidate submissions. Honing your resume so that it is very professional but includes elements of your personality can make it stand out a little more to hiring managers. Additionally, your cover letter should be unique to the position you are applying for. Discuss what you admire about the position or company and how you specifically can provide value to the brand. 

Avoid Mass Applying

Applying to as many jobs as you can is often a poor strategy for finding the right position. Just because a job description hits the very basics of what you are looking for does not mean it is right for you. Additionally, mass applying often means you spend less time on each application or cover letter, resulting in a poor product that is unlikely to grab the interest of employers. Instead, spend more time applying to the right positions so you have a better chance of standing out.

Patience is the Key to Finding a Great Job in Illinois

It can be tempting to rush through the application process and accept the first position that offers you a role, especially if you have been searching for a while. But finding great jobs takes a while. You must learn to be patient with your search to find the perfect fit. In the meantime, set up alerts from job boards, continue to learn new skills, and study the market to see what jobs are in demand. Build up your professional network and hone your resume and cover letters. Following these steps can help you find the perfect career path in the state of Illinois.