Top Ways to Update Your Outdoor Space in Colorado Springs

Is your home looking disorganized? Can you not access your garage with all the clutter? Or maybe you’re looking to improve your curb appeal and better protect your lawn care tools. Some owners want to be able to escape into their yards to enjoy the beauty of Colorado without needing to worry about the state of their homes or yards. To help make every property an oasis, we’ve compiled the top tips and tricks to update your outdoor space and upgrade your property.

Embrace Native Plants

The pristine, practically plastic, manicured matching lawns are becoming a thing of the past— and thank goodness for that! You can help promote wildlife well-being, support pollinators, and enjoy some truly beautiful plants in your yard just by investing in landscaping that utilizes native plants. Many lawn care organizations that specialize in shaping natural yards are popping up, and they know Colorado Springs wildlife to help with your yard’s glow-up, or you could invest in the tools to DIY– just be sure to research your plants! A native lawn can also save you money on upkeep; don’t believe the myth that native plants don’t need water! However, they do need less maintenance than picky invasive plants that shrivel at the slightest hint of too much sun.

Consider Hardscaping Elements

Hardscaping refers to items in your landscaping that aren’t natural— paver paths, firepits, fountains, and gazebos. These can add to the relaxing atmosphere of your yard and give you a place to relax. If you have a larger property, you could even invest in an outdoor kitchen to make the most of your oasis. You may want to invest in a pool as well; just be sure to take precautions so that any wildlife can escape your pool if they fall in.

Tuck Away Unsightly Storage

One simple way to upgrade your yard and home is to invest in a cute storage shed. You can find adorable storage sheds for sale in varying styles and sizes, so you can purchase one that both matches your home and protects what you need to be tucked away. Storage sheds can double as a shelter for any outdoor animals when the weather gets rough. They can store your lawncare tools or your hobby space, whatever you need them for. If your garage is so full of storage that you can’t protect your car from harsh weather when it hits, a storage shed could be the perfect solution.

Experiment with Lighting and Decor

How you arrange your yard can make all the difference. From subtle solar lights to whimsical fairy lights strewn from lattices, the only limit is your imagination. You can also find weatherproof outdoor decor from lawn and garden stores or various retailers on Amazon. Take advantage of special sales throughout the year to buy your items; you can store them in that handy new shed or purchase a hollow bench to hide away items until you’re ready to swap them out again.

Keep it Comfortable

You can purchase helpful items or DIY small things to keep your space comfortable, longer. Terracotta pots and scented candles make for an inexpensive little heater; planned shade can help when the sun shines at its brightest. Retractable awnings allow you to customize your space for any weather, and simple throw blankets can make up for sudden breezes.

Consider All Directions

When people start planning their outdoor paradise, they often focus on what’s directly in front of them. Don’t neglect verticle spaces and walls. Stenciling can be time-consuming, but it can breathe life into that plain wooden fence. Consider climbing trellises with plants to add life in vertical spaces. Hang lights or more flowerpots for an extra touch.

Consider Sustainability

Your yard could be the perfect place to experiment with raised bed gardens to grow your own vegetables. Or you might consider taking on laying hens to supply your own eggs. Just be sure that if you’re in city limits, you follow relevant ordinances. And know that you won’t become an expert overnight; luckily, you can find some great mentors and informative blogs on the internet to help. If your county allows for it, you could incorporate rain barrels into your yard design; this way, you can collect extra water to use for your landscaping and have some cute, rustic design touches.

Make it Your Own

The best advice for turning your yard into a getaway is to make it yours. Every element, every piece of decor, should be something that you like or something that brings you joy. Take your time sculpting the perfect paradise for you to relax in, and then sit back and revel in the results!